QuickBooks Services

As Quickbooks Certified Pro-Advisors, we can help you setup your business on QuickBooks for easy access and accurate accounting records.

QuickBooks Services

QuickBooks Set-Up

Although QuickBooks user friendly, it takes some experience to configure the system to maximum your benefit control.  We tailor each QuickBooks account to each client’s specific needs.

A list of QuickBooks Set-Up services that we offer:

  • Assess requirements
  • Establish hardware and software specifications
  • Install the software
  • Design and implement the chart of accounts, loading balances as of the start date
  • Record outstanding accounts receivables and payables
  • Enter ending statement bank balances and outstanding checks, deposits
  • Enter transactions since the start date
  • Compare trial balances from the old and new systems to ensure that all data was transferred correctly

QuickBooks Tune-Up

A QuickBooks Tune-Up is a great way to prepare for tax time, an important meeting, or a periodic review of your business strategy. In a few short hours, your QuickBooks professional can review transactions, clean up stray entries, balance the general ledger to subsidiary ledgers, and adjust the chart of accounts to reflect changes in your business model. A Tune-Up can help you make better decisions, minimize the ill-effects of undetected errors, and keep money flowing in the right direction.

Buy QuickBooks and Save

As Quickbooks Certified Pro-Advisors, we can save you money on your QuickBooks purchase! Not sure which version is right for you?  Contact us to discuss your needs, take a test drive on QuickBooks, and purchase the solution that’s right for you.